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- Educational background

Sylvain Mangiarotti graduated from the University of Toulouse 3 (France) in Physics. During his academic education, he was struck by a course about nonlinear phenomena and chaos. He got a Master of Science in Geophysics and Space Technics in 1999 and received his PhD degree in Spatial Oceanography in January 2003.

- Employments and fields of interest

The postdoctoral positions he had after his PhD gave him the opportunity to explore new subjects in geosciences such as the dynamics of groundwater, the cycles of vegetation in semi-arid regions or the discharge of solid particles in Amazonia. This period also led him to progressively focus his scientific interest toward the modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems from observational records. This has become one of the main targets of his personal research project.

He got a permanent position as Chargé de Recherche at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in 2008 and his Habilitation to Direct Researches in July 2014. He is currently working in the Centre d’Etudes Spatiales de la BIOsphère (Toulouse, France). Since then his work focuses on three axes :

  • i) The development of new tools dedicated to nonlinear analysis of both theoretical and real dynamical behaviors from observational data with a special focus on poorly observed systems (single or few observables, short records, perturbed systems, etc.) ;
  • ii) The application of these tools to the modeling of hydrosphere, land surface and biosphere with a peculiar focus on remote sensing data, which does not exclude potential interest for other types of observational records in eco-epidemiology and others ;
  • iii) the theoretical and practical means to model, analyze and characterize chaotic dynamics of small and medium dimensions (3D to 5D).

Incidentally, he also has a strong interest for music and musicology, with a special focus on improvised music and theory of rhythms.

- In newspaper

  • Le Monde (Science et Techno | 20.01.2014 à 17h45)
  • Le Monde (Science et Techno | 16.01.2017 à 15h52)

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