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From Laser Dynamics to Topology of Chaos

Christophe LETELLIER
to celebrate the 70th birthday of Robert Gilmore
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To celebrate Robert Gilmore’s 70th Birthday, this workshop is organized around some of his closer collaborators, at least around those who worked in laser dynamics and nonlinear dynamics... This will be an opportunity to make an overview of these fields (and any other related).

Welcome Buffet - Monday from 19:00 to 21:00

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Hotel de Dieppe (Rouen)

- Opening lecture

- Otto Rössler (Tübingen University, Germany) Abstract Chaos Hierarchy : a review thirty years later

- Invited talks

* Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University) Abstract Lorenz Knots

* Claire Gilmore (King’s College, Boston) Abstract
The Chaotic Marriage of Physics and Financial Economics

* Keith Gilmore (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., Berkeley) Abstract
Damped expectations : The origin and role of dissipation in magnetization dynamics

* Robert Gilmore (Drexel University, Philadelphia)

* Jean-Marc Ginoux (Lab. Protee, Université Var-Toulon) Abstract
Henri Poincaré’s legacy in Dynamical Systems

* Jacob Katriel (Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa) Abstract
On Madelung’s rule for atoms in their ground state, and on Hund’s rule for doubly excited atoms

* Marc Lefranc (PHLAM, Université de Lille) Abstract
Reflections from the fourth dimension

* Christophe Letellie (Rouen University, France) Abstract
The Symmetry of Chaos

* René Lozi (Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France) Abstract
Can we trust in numerical solutions of nonlinear dynamical systems ?

* Ronald Mickens (Atlanta University, USA) Abstract
Preliminary Results on the Properties of Solutions to the Leah-ODE : x’’ + x1/3 = 0

* Gabriel Mindlin (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina) Abstract
Low dimensional dynamics in biological motor patterns

* Christian Mira (Toulouse) Abstract
A Toulouse research group in the "prehistoric" times of chaotic dynamics

* Mario Natiello (Lunds Universitet, Sverige) Abstract
A braided view of a knotty story

* Hernan Solari (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina) Abstract
Part I : The master’s use of the lapis philosophorum : Turning ignorance into a great project (circa 1987)
Part II : Devil’s advocate. Report from latest missions (circa 2011)

* Nicholas Tufillaro (Oregon State University, USA) Abstract
Knots from Dynamos

* Jorge Tredicce (Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, France)
The true story about Alice in Stretch and Squeezeland

Workshop Banquet at "Le Rouennais"

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Le Rouennais

Un mercredi à la campagne

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La ferme de Bray

- Contributed talks

* Dalila Amroun-Aliane (Université Houari Boumediene, Alger, Algeria) Abstract
A link between defects in spatiotemporal diagrams and observability

* Daniel Cross (Bryn Mawr College) Abstract
Representation Theory of Dynamical Systems

* Timothy Jones (Drexel University, Philadelphia) Abstract
New tools in the visualization of strange attractors

* Sifeu Kingni (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) Abstract
Dynamical behavior of a semiconductor ring laser with optoelectronic feedback

— Claudia Lainscsek (Salk Institute, San Diego) Abstract _ Analyzing human brain epilepsy data using delay differential equations

* Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz (Zaragossa University, Spain) Abstract
Models for the decay toward equilibrium in some statistical systems

* Sylvain Mangiarotti (CESBIO, Toulouse) Abstract
A 3-dimensional chaotic jerk model for the dynamics of rainfed wheat in semi-arid regions

* Juan Carlos Martin (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain) Abstract
Chaotic lasers in Zaragoza

* Martin Rosalie (CORIA - Université de Rouen, France) Abstract
Topology of toroidal chaos. A first step.

Our last diner at Tavola Calda Bistrot

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Tavola Calda Bistrot, 29 rue Damiette (Rouen)
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- The program

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Tentative program

- The poster

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The poster


The poster
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20456 - 16/07/24

Tentative program
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20472 - 16/07/24

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