2001 A four-dimensional system with a non-trivial attractor

Christophe LETELLIER

Denise Sciamarella and Gabriel Mindlin designed the four-dimensional system [1]

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from a three-dimensional system proposed by Deng [2] For appropriate parameter values as

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this system produces a chaotic attractor (Fig. 1). A solution to this system was investigated with a cell complex in their work. It was recently revisited in terms of templex [3]

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Fig. 1. Chaotic attractor produced by the four-dimensional system.

From the complex of cells Here, a templex was built and, then, a template constructed as drawn in Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. A direct template for the four-dimensional attractor.
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A C++ code for integrating the 4-dimensional system.

[1] D. Sciamarella & G. B. Mindlin, Unveiling the topological structure of chaotic flows from data, Physical Review E, 64, 036209, 2001.

[2] B. Deng, Constructing homoclinic orbits and chaotic attractors, International Journal of Bifurcation & Chaos, 4, 823-841, 1994.

[3] G. D. Charó, C. Letellier & D. Sciamarella, Templex : A bridge between homologies and templates for chaotic attractors, Chaos, 32 (8), 083108, 2022. Online


A C++ code for integrating the 4-dimensional system.
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