Analyse TOpologique et MOdélisation de SYstèmes Dynamiques

ATOMOSYD is an acronym to designate the approach we develop to investigate dynamical systems. We are concerned by the topological analysis, that is, a global approach of the phase portrait, and global modelling which corresponds to the possibility to obtain a set of differential equations from measurements.

This web site is devoted to any features related to the nonlinear dynamical systems theory. Of course, our research activities can be found in section A research group but other topics are also considered as

- Dynamical systems

- Algorithms for investigating data

- Data sets useful for applying new tools

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The Conversation : La théorie du chaos fête ses 130 ans

Templex : une nouvelle mathématique pour comprendre le chaos  [1]

Third edition of the book on fluid dynamics applied to the body
Introduction à la circulation des fluides physiologiques

In French
Fluid mechanics applied to blood circulation, respiration, ... Click here to read more...

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